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Gérard Bertrand Organic Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2017

""Sauvignon Blanc grapes ripen very early and need to be picked at a precise time, determined by tasting the fruit before harvesting, in order to obtain the full intensity that is characteristic of this grape variety. The grapes are picked during the night to preserve the freshness of the fruit" 

Gérard Bertrand is passionate about the Mediterranean Art de Vivre and is a specialist producer of premium wines from the south of France. In his Réserve Spéciale range he reveals the elegant, generous array of fruity flavours produced by the very best terroirs in the region. The exceptional terroirs of the Languedoc enjoy optimum sunshine and low rainfall, bringing out all the complexity of the region’s emblematic grape varieties and thus producing top-quality wines.


Gerard Bertrand

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Technical Notes

Product Number | 7271
Grapes | 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Organic Wine

This product is classified as an organic wine. Organic wines are government certified that no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are used at all. All controls are natural through insects, natural sprays, predatory fungi, etc.
Bottle Price: $17.95
Case Price: $96.93

Per Case: 6 x 750 ml
Winery: Gerard Bertrand
Region: Languedoc-RoussillonFrance
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