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Bernard Defaix Saint Bris 2018 (Sauvignon Blanc)

"Citrus and lemon aromas with slight notes of fresh grass. The mouth is balanced and structured. To be runk young to preserve its freshness."

Saint Bris. Located in Auxerre, about 15 km  from Chablis, Saint Bris is planted exclusively to Sauvignon Blanc (and the related Sauvignon Gris). It is the only district in Bourgogne where the Sauvignon grape is grown. The soils are derived from various Jurassic limestones ranging from Portlandian to Kimmeridgian. Alluvial soils and fossiliferous Lower Kimmeridgian limestone astartes are found alongside the river and at the foot of the marlylimestone slopes.

Bernard Defaix founded the estate with 2 hectares of vineyards in 1959 and today he works with his sons Sylvain and Didier. The vineyard has been certified organic since 2009 and fully organic in the wine cellar since 2012.


Technical Notes

Product Number | 5845
Grapes | 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Organic Wine

This product is classified as an organic wine. Organic wines are government certified that no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides are used at all. All controls are natural through insects, natural sprays, predatory fungi, etc.
Bottle Price: $19.95
Case Price: $215.46

Per Case: 12 x 750 ml
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