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Rebel Yell American Whiskey

Rebel Yell American Whiskey is a blend of 2-year-old Rebel Yell and a 2-year-old MGP rye. This puts it in the same bourbon and rye blend category as High West’s Bourye and Son of Bourye and Wild Turkey’s Forgiven. The main difference being that, unlike the HW & WT, the Rebel Yell American Whiskey uses a wheated bourbon instead of the high rye bourbons used in the other two. 

Back in 1849 when everyone else was using a rye mashbill, Rebel Yell pioneered wheat-based bourbon. And it’s this award-winning wheated recipe that continues to defy trends today. Rebel Yell is unapologetically original and brazenly bold.

But don’t let its rough edges fool you. Rebel Yell whiskey goes down smooth, whether you prefer it neat, on the rocks, or mixed.

Rebel Yell

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Technical Notes

Product Number | 5448
Bottle Price: $39.90
Case Price: $215.46

Per Case: 6 x 750 ml
Distiller: Rebel Yell
Region: JaliscoMexico
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